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5 Mind blowing gadgets for android smartphones

There are many gadgets for android. If you have got a new phone & want to enjoy some great things by making some of your daily taks easy then you are at the right place. You are also welcomed to read this article if you have to gift it to someone who loves smart phone gadgets. It is an android that you are operating but what is the reason which makes it real smart? Majority of public is using smartphones for browsing social networks, playing games, listening music, using Instagram and making memes etc. Beside using android for online activities it can also be used for many other things such as locating missing car, locking & unlocking homes, watching health and contacting relatives in case of encountering any accident. Following are some of the ways for making your android smarter and making your life easier. After using these gadgets for android you will be looking at your android in a different way.

Viper Smart Start

gadgets for android

This is a super smart gadget which allows a user to perform daily tasks with the remote key. Such as locking door, honking car and releasing truck etc. all can be done with your android phone. This gadget even tells you the status of your vehicle for ensuring it is safe & ready to ride. Its price is $149 to $399.


gadgets for android

This is a key gadget. Keys have a special ability for disappearing when needed. This Bluetooth device helps in finding your iPhone & iPod but soon it will be available for android. It has an easy setup. You just have to tie device with key & press find button of iPhone. Keys will light up & emit sounds for indicating its location and position. It is indeed an elegant and smart gadget which costs only $49.


gadgets for android

This is a locking tool just like its name indicates. It unlocks the door with a touch upon your android. It also notifies when someone knocks at your door. It has very right customization options with which you can easily set unlocking of your door whenever you are nearby. You now have no need to fumble around with house keys particularly when you are not empty handed. The cost of this superb gadget is $179.

Square Register

This register is a revolutionary product which disrupts current system of static transaction. This device takes advantage of android`s ability for mobility for accepting anytime & anywhere payment via credit card. Buyer signs on an android phone for authorizing payment & avoiding potential fraud. Information entered as a sign is encrypted and after this processing initializes.


This is one of the gadgets for android which converts loyalty cards, membership cards and credit cards into digital-information. For using these cards, information of these cards can be transferred to Geode card. You then need to flick for activating this card and then swipe it via terminal. All types of bar-codes can also be stored from loyalty cards which can then be displayed at Geode`s back for allowing scans. The cost of this worth purchasing gadget is $159.

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