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Amazing Computer Tips We Think Everyone Should Know

Computer tips make it easier for the users to work better, so if you are not familiar with some important tricks, chances are, you will be frustrated while working on the computer. Here, we will show you different computer tips for windows, PC, Mac and other areas, which will help you improve your working experience and make the most out of computer very easily.

Windows and Mac Computer tips

Accidently closed a tab in the browser? No worries. Just press Control (Command if using Mac) + Shift + T, and it will restore the tab you just have closed.

Screenshot tool ‘Snipping Tool’ is quite popular for Windows users, but you can easily screenshot the area in Mac, by pressing Command+Shift+4 and this will allow you to use the tool for a screenshot.

Working in spread sheet ‘Excel’, then it is often observed that we repeat the commands for cells, but if you wish to repeat the command that you have just used, then by pressing ‘F4’, you will be able to repeat it, without actually finding and clicking it from the menu. Clever Computer tip, right?!

One of the coolest computer tips is finding the origin of the image where it is first used or potentially originated. But, the trick works in Google Chrome, and for that, if you right click on the image that you have found in the Google Search, press ‘S’ and it will reverse the search and take you to where the photo first appeared.

If you watch movie or videos on Media Player, then you might be used to ‘pause’ the video by pressing ‘space bar’. We can use the same technique for YouTube as well, but the problem is, if we haven’t clicked on the page and press ‘space bar’, it will scroll down. To avoid this, if you press ‘K’, it will pause and play the video, while pressing ‘J’ will skip 10 seconds backwards, while hitting ‘L’ will forward the video to 10 seconds. Remember these keys, and you are good to go!

Command Prompt Computer tips

There are so many Computer tips that can be done using command prompt. Whether you want to be a command prompt ninja or a pro, which uses keys to perform action much quicker than anyone else, then there surely are many things that can be done. For instances, watching ASCII star wars will be so much fun, or freaking someone out by creating files or folders that no one can delete with simple ways.

Computer tip – Find Gender of Computer

This is such a fun computer tip, and was quite popular a few years ago. You can easily find the gender of your PC by using VBS script, which is responsible for voice that can be used to greet you when you login or speak what you are writing. This way, you can listen to the sound and determine the gender of your computer.

Computer tips – Locking Folders with Passwords

One of the coolest computer tips is locking folders with passwords. It can be done to prevent unauthorized people to mess up with your data.

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