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The benefits of using mobile application of websites

Before understanding the benefits of mobile apps let’s just first understand what are websites? Because I think mobile apps are extension of websites as mobile apps provides some benefits that websites can’t provide. And in this article we are going to discuss the benefits of mobile apps both for a user and company/business. But before that let’s understand what is website and especially what they can’t offer.

OK! A brief description to website is that websites are one of the best way to represent your business, work or anything to anyone by making yourself available and accessible to all people regardless of their location and time zone. Websites doesn’t just makes an online presence, it can increase your sales and popularity to a point where your website can become one of the most important and basic part of your business. Now to understand the benefits of mobile apps, think what websites cannot do for you and your business? Well websites are basically made to be viewed on desktops and laptops. Why? It is because to view a website, you need to open browser and type website URL to view the website. Now that’s okay if you are browsing a website from your PC but opening a browser and typing website URL in your smart phone may not be as easy as in your PC. So it means that websites doesn’t provide ease of access for mobile or smartphone users.

Secondly for users to check new information in your website, they have to remember your website and check it regularly for new information. If website users forget about website they will miss latest updates from the website.

Finally, with websites you can’t interact with users more frequently and easily as you do in mobile apps. It is because people spent more time on their smart phones as compared to desktops and laptops in their home and office.

Benefits of mobile apps from user perspective



Mobile apps provide everything that a website cannot offer. One of the most important benefits of mobile apps is ease of access. When you use mobile apps for a particular website or service, you don’t need to open browser and type the URL of website. All you need to is open mobile app and latest updates loads by itself. In most of the cases you don’t need to login as your username and passwords are already saved into mobile app. Mobile apps of Facebook, twitter and Gmail are examples of mobile apps and ease of access.

With mobile apps, you don’t need to regularly check for new information as you do in a website. Whenever new information is available, mobile app will informs you by making alerts and notifications. And you will not miss any updates.

So these are some benefits of mobile apps for a user and there are more benefits which depend on what type of mobile app you want to use. Let’s see what benefit mobile apps provide for business owners who want to grow their business.

Benefits of mobile apps from business perspective


One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for a business owner is the reach it gives to business owners to its potential customers. Because no one carries laptop all time, but everyone uses smart phones all the time no matter wherever they go. So if your business owns a mobile app, you can reach more and more users.

Interaction with users is one of the most important aspects of marketing and growing your business. Mobile apps will provide you a very good way to interact with your users or customers and engage them in your business. This is something you can’t achieve with website due to lower reach to users and customers.

Mobile apps will give your business a very good impression of seriousness and authenticity in your services. This impression will have enormous benefits in your sales and website traffic etc. this is because people want to do business only with those who provides all the means of interacting with customers.


The conclusion is very simple. No matter who you are, a user or a business owner, get a mobile app. It will provide you a lot of benefits that we have just discussed with you. We hope you liked our article on benefits of mobile apps. If you have any suggestion and thoughts about this topic, please let us know by email or comment below if you like.

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