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Best Apps that guards your privacy on social media

This is our third post about protecting privacy on social media. In our previous posts we have already provided you very detailed information about possible threats to your privacy on social media. We really recommend you to read Emerging Threats to your privacy on social media, if you have not read yet.

In this post we will be providing you list of four apps that will help you protect your privacy on social media without requiring you to go into hassle of understanding and changing the privacy settings of your social media accounts and browser. We have already provided a great step by step guide on how to optimize your Facebook privacy settings. Check this post if you want to manually change the privacy settings of your Facebook account.

Before going further into our list of four apps to guard your privacy on social media, let’s just first understand why apps are so much important to protect your privacy on social media? Well we are using apps to make many things simple for us. There are great benefits of using mobile apps and we know it. For example we use passwords manager to manage all our usernames and passwords, we use proxy extensions to serve web anonymously and we use apps for everything for the sake of simplicity and saving time. Similarly apps that helps in protection of your privacy on social media reduces the time that you may take in doing the procedures to protect your privacy on social media. Okay, now we have understood the roles of apps, let’s jump to list of four apps that will guard your privacy on social media.



privacy on social media

Privacy protection tools from provides tools to protect your privacy on social media websites including Facebook, twitter and Google plus. Social media websites including Facebook twitter and Google tracks your browsing activities whenever you are using their services.

The information they collect about your browsing can be used for many purposes including targeted marketing etc. If you don’t want Facebook, twitter and Google to track your browsing activities then you can install privacy tool from disconnect to protect your privacy on social media. This app is an extension available for goggle chrome, Firefox and safari.


Norton Safe Web

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Perhaps the biggest threat to your privacy on social media lies in links on your social media news feed. This is because any user on social media can post whatever type of link they want. The links can be dangerous because it can be used to steal your information or it may contain malware. So far there is no indicator to tell you about how safe is the link appearing on you news feed.

Norton Safe Web scans all the links and categorizes them into four categories on the basis of safety of links. The categories are Norton Secured, Safe, Caution and Warning. All the websites with SSL certificates comes into Norton Secured category. All the link that are scanned by Norton and contains no risks, are marked as safe. Links marked as safe are not SSL secured. Caution links contains few potential threats and links in warning has more potential threats.




As the name suggests, this extension will detect all the privacy issues with your Facebook account. It will show you all the issues along with proper privacy descriptions and “Fix” button to fix the specific privacy issue. For example if anyone (friend or not friend) can post anything on your timeline, then it is a potential privacy issue that needs to be fixed. PrivacyFix will detect all Facebook settings that needs to be changed to maximize your privacy on social media.

PrivacyFix is more than privacy fixer for Facebook users. It will also inform you about percentage of website tracking done by Facebook while you use Facebook services. It also protects from other websites by letting you know if other websites are tracking you or not.

PrivacyFix is a great app for Facebook users and we highly recommend it to our readers.


ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan

privacy on social media
IMAGE SOURCE: Digital Citizen

Similar to PrivacyFix, ZoneAlarm Privacy Scan is another app for Facebook users to detect the settings of Facebook account and statistics of Facebook usage in past one month to provide you a final privacy Grade, telling you how secure your Facebook account is.

Like PrivacyFix, it doesn’t provide you the feature to fix the privacy issue just buy clicking on a button. This is because if you click on “Score higher and gain more privacy” button, it will take you to a page describing about general strategies to improve your privacy on Facebook. Obviously this is not an expected result for users who already used PrivacyFix.

The above list is not a comparison among apps that protect your privacy on social media. The list is prepared with aim of showing you people how easy and effective it is to use these privacy protection apps. If you know any other app or tool that protects user privacy on social media, please let us now by commenting below. We will be glad to include it in our list.

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