connect phone to car radio with FM transmitter and reciever

Connect your smart phone with car audio system without cables and Bluetooth

If you want to play music from phone to car radio and wandering around to know about different ways you can connect phone to car speakers or car audio system then you will be amazed to know about a new gadget known as Smart Phone FM transmitter. This amazing new gadget will let you connect phone to car radio without aux piece of hardware or equipment. It means now you don’t need to have Bluetooth car adapter and special phone to car USB cables to play your phone music in car.

An Iphone FM transmitter used to connect phone to car radio

Image: IPhone FM Transmitter

This gadget costs about 20$ to 55$ depending on quality and seller. And the size of this gadget is almost equal to pencil sharpener. It connects into standard 3.5mm audio jack of our smart phone and broadcasts the music you are playing in smart phone to all FM receivers. You can think of this gadget as little FM transmitter or station which takes input from your smart phone and broadcast the music at specified FM frequency (check specifications for further information about operating frequency).

To connect phone to car stereo system with this gadget, all you need to do is insert/plug the Smart Phone FM transmitter to audio jack of your smart phone and then play music in your smart phone. Off course don’t forget to tune your car radio to Smart Phone FM transmitter frequency, otherwise you will not hear your phones music through your car stereo.

Yes this is all it takes to hear your smart phone music in your car speakers. The gadget will give you the power to play your music anywhere at any time no matter whose car you are riding in because all you need to do is request the driver or owner to tune the car radio receiver to your transmitter frequency.

The only problem you might face using this gadget is interference. The chances of interference are more when other cars are using the same gadget at same frequency close to your location. But I think it will not be a problem always because smart phone FM transmitters are made to operate at low powers about 50 to 100mW and interference might not occur unless other transmitter is very close to your Smart Phone FM transmitter.

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