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Dummies guide on how to upgrade a gaming PC

There are many games that you want to play on your gaming pc, which require a high end or high specification gaming pc but your computer or gaming pc may not be capable to run all the games you want to install and play. At this point you have two options. If you have extra cash then its best for you to buy a higher specification gaming pc but if you don’t have much to spend on new gaming pc then it’s better for you to upgrade your existing gaming pc.

To do this, you should check the system requirement of all the games you want to play and also the specifications of your gaming pc and then compare both of them to see what your computer lacks and what things needs to be upgraded.

For example if you want to play Crysis 3, COD Infinite Warfare and GTA 5 on your gaming pc then before installing and running them on your computer you should first check the system requirements. The system requirements of these games are as under:

gaming pc system requirements

Ways to upgrade your gaming pc

There are many ways in which you can make your gaming pc capable of running your desired games. After making table of system requirements for all your favorite games you will know what things you need to change inside your gaming pc to upgrade it. You can upgrade your gaming pc in following ways.

Increasing the RAM

gaming pc

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If your computer is slow and glitches during gameplay then you may need to upgrade the RAM. It’s because RAM stores all temporary and frequent data the game’s needs. You can see that many games requires more than 1GB or 2GB.So if you put an extra stick of RAM into your computer, then you can run all the heavy and graphical games on your gaming pc. RAM does not only run the games but it also improves the performance of your computer as well.

Adding New Graphic Card

gaming pc graphic card

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Graphic cards helps gaming pc to perform much batter as it plays an important role by displaying the graphics of all the heavy games on your gaming pc and from the table above, you can see all the games require graphic card, which means that if you don’t have graphic card installed, you cannot run the game into your computer. So if you want to play your favorite games, make sure to install the right graphic card according to system requirements.

Updating the Direct X


Direct X have many version and all the games requires DirectX. Each game requires different version of DirectX. For example a game requires DirectX 11 and you have DirectX 9 installed then the game may not run, because it requires DirectX 11. So always make sure you are using latest version of DirectX.

Space requirement


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All the games require a minimum space to install the game into the computer. For example if the game requires 10GB of space and your computer have only 5GB of free space then you cannot install the game until you free a space of 10GB. This is because all the games require extra space to save mission files and other temporary data during gameplay. And if you do not have enough space then you may experience lagging during playing the game which is not a good experience. Buy a new hard drive or add another hard drive to add space in your gaming pc.

Upgrading CPU


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We all know that CPU is the most important part of the computer. So it very simple, faster the CPU better will be the performance of your gaming pc. If the CPU in your gaming PC is of lover cores or clock frequency than you must change the CPU according to system requirements of the games you want to play. In our case we need core i3 to play all of our favorite games because it is the minimum requirement of all the games in the table above. If your CPU is of right clock rate or cores then we still advice you to upgrade it. Simply because it very important for good performance.


Majority of the upgrades discussed in this article, depends on type and version of your motherboard. Don’t forget to consult your gaming pc motherboard manual, to see which kinds of RAM, CPU, Graphic card you can add into your motherboard. If the motherboard you are using doesn’t support the upgrades you want to do, then you need to purchase a new motherboard or a new gaming pc. This concludes our discussion on how to upgrade your gaming pc and we hope it’s helpful for you.

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