Laptop battery life

Tips to increase your laptop battery life

The average time spent on laptop by user in office, university, classrooms and home is about 8 to 10 hours every day. Depending on devices you connect with your laptop, you can imagine the amount of power consumption from laptop’s battery. The consumption of power from battery plus how often you charge and discharge your laptop’s battery greatly affects your laptop battery life. In this article I am going to give some tips that will help you save power on your laptops battery and also improve your laptop battery life.

Overcharging decreases Laptop battery life

Yes, you should be aware of the time your laptop battery takes to get fully charged. If you will keep your laptop on charging even after it’s fully charged, your laptops battery will heat up and thus decreases the laptop battery life. So when your laptop gets charged detach the charger as soon as possible.

Turn off all unused devices and components to save power

Laptop battery life

Every device and component needs power to operate. You don’t need to power all the devices all the times because you don’t use all of them at same time. So you need to disconnect the devices you are not using. These devices may include external hard drives, USB mouse, WIFI adapter, Bluetooth radios etc. Make sure you don’t disable any component that is in use. For example don’t disconnect the hard drive where your laptops operating system is installed.

Reduce Screen brightness

reduce brightness to extend laptop battery life

By reducing the brightness of your laptop screen, you can reduce power consumption of display component. This will help in increasing laptop battery life.

Turn of unnecessary apps and processes

terminate process to extend laptop battery life

You might think that only hardware components consume battery power but in reality applications and processes also consumes battery power. To increase battery life, you need to terminate the processes and application that you are not using. You can do this by opening windows task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL. Once in task manager, click on applications tab and terminate all the applications that you are not using but they are running.

After that you need to shut down some of the unnecessary processes. The method to terminate processes is same as terminating applications.  If you are a beginner, I recommend you to skip this step, because if you terminate a wrong a process it may lead to system failure.

Clean the battery contacts

If your laptops battery is detachable, then remove the battery regularly and clean the battery contacts with cotton swaps and alcohol. This is because dirty contacts can disrupt the flow of current. If battery contacts have other issues or if they are damaged then simply repair them by a professional technician.

By following these tips you will observe that your battery now lasts longer than before. If your laptops battery still runs short of power in less time then you may need battery replacement. Please let us know about your reviews on our content and also give us your suggestions about the topic.

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