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List of 10 Failed Social Networking Websites

As you read this article, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are the most popular social networking websites. They are as common to you as the Internet itself. However, there are numerous social networking websites that belong to not so distant path but have already failed. Some of them were not well-known from the start, while others were the rage in their time. Now they are either forgotten or slowly dying.


Digg was founded in August 2006 by Kevin Rose and become a very popular social content aggregation site after two years of its launch. It started losing users when the site hired some ban happy moderators who demanded the users to delete their posted content and applied questionable bans. The site is still working, but it has lost most of its valuable users.


My Space has enjoyed the spotlight for a good amount of time till Facebook came along. Tom Anderson is the person who started this social networking website to offer the interactive and user-submitted network of friends. When Facebook offered a better interface along with fairly consistent profiles of friends, it captured the users of MySpace and so the site had to lose a lot of its user base because of not being responsive.


Peach launched in January 2016 by Apple and recently has taken a tumble. In its infancy, Peach became quite well-known but then got boring as there was nothing more to it. It failed mainly due to the dominance of Facebook.

The Hub

This social networking website was started by Wal-Mart for teenagers. However, it was shut down within the 3 months as the kids weren’t the fans of the site. The actual reason why The Hub failed was the plugging of products of Wal-Mart with fake profiles. Another reason was that the site needed parents’ approval for the activation of the profile.


It was launched by Ilya Zhitomirskiy, as a rival to Facebook and was an anti-establishment social network. This site is still active and planning to add chat feature in the upgrade. However, it is poorly drifting with little betterment.


This social networking website was meant for the old people and was founded by founder Jeffrey Taylor. This site didn’t really manage to survive but is still around. It isn’t interesting enough and has no specified features for its target audience. Now it has opened its doors to people over 3 years of age.

Google Buzz

It was a social network from Google, launched in February 2010 and inspired from Twitter. However, it got caught up in the privacy controversy and the company had to face the $8.5 million lawsuit. It is closed now.


Started in 2004 and later purchased by Tagged in 2011, it was an interesting site with user groups and status updates. Later, it also became a gaming site but lost its growing popularity to Facebook. It is still around, though.


It is a popular social networking website founded by Jonathan Abrams. This site turned down the buyout offer of $20 million from Google in 2003. The reason of its failure was a bad redesign, poor technology, and shoddy programming.

Yahoo! Buzz

It was launched by Yahoo as an attempt to engage more users. However, the company had to kill the site as the users weren’t very interested. It was based on Digg and allowed users to vote for the stories.

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