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How to make professional organizational chart easily without any software download

It is a scientific fact that the human mind understands and memorizes diagrams more easily and quickly as compared to written and spoken words. Therefore we think flowcharts and diagrams are very important to illustrate and present your ideas to your co-workers, supervisors or anyone. It does not matter what job you do because you may need to make a flowcharts for any purpose and for a demonstration purpose we going to show you how to make a company organizational chart easily and without any software download.

Once you know how to make company organizational chart, you can make any type of chart quickly, easily and without any need to download software.

What tool we are using?

We will use Lucidchart. Lucidchart is an online flow chart builder through which you can create organizational chart and many other kind of diagrams and charts. Lucidchart is an online tool, which means you don’t have to download any software at all. Plus it’s totally free.

Let’s create organizational chart online

The first thing you need to do is to visit and log in to our account. If you don’t have an account, create a new account or simply log in with your Google or Yahoo account.


Once logged in, click “+ Document” button.


Now click “Black Document” to open a new blank page.


Click the “Shapes” button on the second bar of the page to load organizational chart options.


Tick mark the “Org Charts” option and click “Save”.


Scroll down and you will see “Org Charts” Shape at the bottom.


Click and drag one of the shapes in drawing area to begin chart making. It doesn’t matter which shape you pick, because you can always add or delete connections and boxes.

Double click on the boxes to write the details of designation in company.


To add additional boxes just copy and paste the blocks by pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively.


To delete boxes simply select the boxes and press delete.


To delete the connections between blocks simply select the connections and press delete.


To add connections between the blocks, simply hover you mouse pointer over little circles at edges of box and then click and drag over the little circles of the other box.


Follow the steps to make all the required connections.

Congratulations, very simple company organizational chart is complete. You can add as many levels as you like in the chart using the simple steps given in previous steps.

Now let’s beatify our chart by filling colors into boxes. To do this, first click and select the box you want to fill with color. Then click on the fill icon on the menus bar and select your desired color.


There are a lot of options in lucid to make your charts awesome. Our aim was to introduce this incredible online flowchart builder, you can try making other types of diagrams by yourself and we are sure that you will like it.

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