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Smart phone comparison: Android or IPhone? Which one is better?

There are a lot of information and content available about phone comparison. Majority of the phone comparison contents compares specific features of smart phones like which phone captures clearer images or which phone provides best display etc. Here, in this article I am going to do phone comparison on the basis of very general and common characteristics that a common smart phone user would like to have in their smart phones. By general characteristics, I also mean a comparison between all android based smartphone and IPhone.

We know that there are many types of smart phones available in market. And we also that only two types of phones are very popular nowadays: Android based smartphones and IPhone. Both of them are great smartphones and provides different pros and cons. let’s get into phone comparison to see which one is good for you.



Performance is an important issue in phone comparison. Performance in smart phones depends on many things like processor, RAM, storage, cache and operating system etc. In this article by performance I mean the speed or response time at which the smart phone responds to user inputs and commands. It is common that many smartphones lags when the storage becomes full or if there are multiple applications running at same time. But if we practically use both type of smartphones, then we will observe that the performance of iPhone is good as compared to android phones because the operating system of iPhone is light and simple and that’s why  iPhone never lags too much or frequently. On other hand if you use android phones you will soon observe that the android phones hangs quickly or even stops responding when multiple applications are open at the same time. So in terms of smooth user interaction IPhones are way better than most of the android based phones.

Connectivity (Bluetooth)


Connectivity can’t be neglected while comparing phones. If you want to transfer data to another smart phone or computer in a short distance without data cable or internet connection then you can use Bluetooth.

In android you can use Bluetooth to transfer and receive files from all Bluetooth enabled devices. It doesn’t matter if it is smartphone or computer. But in IPhone you cannot transfers files to the other models of smart phones. This is because Apple devices (IPad, IPhone etc.) can only Bluetooth files from one Apple devices to another Apple device. This gives an IPhone user less connectivity options as compared to android users.

Battery life

Laptop battery life

The battery life of every phone depends on its battery capacity measured in mAh (miliampere hour) and current consumption of the phone. The battery life is also depended on the materials used in smart phone battery. Zinc, NiCad and li-on batteries have lower life as compared to Li-Po batteries.  All the IPhone batteries are Li-Po based but that doesn’t mean IPhone runs longer. This is because mAh rating of IPhone batteries are lower than majority of android based phones. For example Samsung galaxy S5 and S6 have battery rating of 2500mAh and 2800mAh respectively. IPhone batteries are non-removable if sometimes the phones battery needs to be replaced. But i am sure you will not need to change IPhone batteries because they are very reliable.

Expandable Memory


Android memory is expandable. If you’re internal memory is not enough for your needs you can insert an extra memory card in your smart phone. This is because many of the android mobiles have a slot of micro SD card.

IPhone storage capacity is fixed and can’t be increased. You cannot insert extra memory (external memory) in iPhone mobile because it does not have micro SD card slot. But iPhone mobile does not need to have extra memory because it has enough internal memory. For example if you see iPhone 8 plus it have 32/128/256GB of built in internal memory the same model of mobile with different space memory. So that’s why it does need any extra memory.

Browsing and downloading


Browsing and downloading is another important factor in phone comparison. Both android and IPhone provides good browsing experience to users. But when it comes to downloading files, android leads the way. In android phones browsers, we can download all types of files including our favorite songs and videos etc. in our phones SD card memory. You can think of android mobile just like small computer in your hands.

In IPhone mobiles we cannot download our favorite songs and videos easily and directly. If you want to download some files and songs you have to install iDownloader from apple App store or use iTunes to sync your songs and videos. IPhone browser (Safari) does not open flash based websites easily so you may face problems when opening some flash based websites on browser.



As android is one of the most popular OS for majority of smart phone manufacturers that’s why android is more center of attention for everyone including hackers and malware writers. IOS app store has higher level of verification system which verifies app publisher’s identity before the app is published on app store. To install any unauthorized app, the hacker must physically jailbreak the device which makes IOS devices less vulnerable to attacks as compared to android.

Both apple and android releases updates to protect against security threats but apple IOS is better in terms of latest security updates. This is because whenever apple releases an update, it becomes available to all apples devices at the same time which means users can upgrade as soon as possible. On the other hand Google releases updates for only Google nexus. Other smartphone manufacturers need to make their own update patches to provide to its customers. This makes android more vulnerable.



Android phones give great options to users with less money to spend on buying new smartphones. This is because android OS is a very common OS installed in nearly all smartphones regardless of manufacturer. And it is obvious that different manufacturers release different smartphones with varying costs. You can get android smartphone for as low as $100. This is why android based smartphones gives wide options to savvy buyers. On the other hand with IOS based devices and smartphones you have no options to buy something with lesser cost. All the IPhones costs more than $400. So not everyone can afford to buy IPhone without any installment scheme.


There is no black or white decision as phone comparison between android and IPhone smartphones. Every type of smartphone has its own pro and cons. By writing this article my goal was to provide a very general and simple overview of android based phones and Apple IPhones. The selection of smartphones depends on your budget and your demands.

If you can’t spend more than $400 and have no special demand or requirement, then I advise you to buy an android smartphone. Android based smartphones will give everything even if you want to spend as low as $100. If you can afford to spend greater than $400 and very demanding when it comes to brand and performance, then IPhone is the best. IPhone is very reliable, secure and gives a lot of features that you will never ever find in other smartphones specially when it comes to camera and video recording.

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