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The advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games

Not everyone knows that computer games have a lot of benefits for everyone especially for the students, because strategic and decision-making games help in improving the reflexes and IQ. These benefits can improve the academic and overall life of the people, helping them in making quicker and better decisions. Along with a huge number of benefits, there are many health risks involved in spending hours and hours playing games every day, which you must know in order to take a better care of yourself. Here, you will learn not only the benefits of computer games but also their drawbacks, so you can be aware of what’s good for you and what’s not.

Advantages of Computer Games

In the technology era, everyone has gadgets where they have installed at least one game that they play when bored. The most common devices are computers, laptops and smartphones, where people install and play games and spend hours and hours every day. There are many benefits of playing computer games, and they provide a positive effect to the person’s mental health.

Improves IQ

Playing computer games means you are going to spend an average of 3 to 5 hours a day, dealing with the gaming environments and characters. This requires a lot of focus that increase the brain functioning, causing the player to perform better in IQ results.

Improves Reflexes

When playing strategic games, a person makes a decision that can make him win the game. This way, in real life, when he goes through a certain situation, his brain will work better, providing him better reflexes to deal with it. He will be able to make better strategies to cope with the problem in an effective manner.

Improves Visual Processes

By playing computer games for hours every day, the people with Amblyopic reported to have improved vision. The rest of the people have observed that they can distinguish between shades better than normal people.

Better Executive Functioning

Not only computer games are useful for the mental health, but also they have been proven to be effective for decision making and academics. If you want your child to perform better in his school, then let him play strategic games, where he will be able to use his mind a lot, which results in better mental ability. The games also helped the people to make better decisions in critical situations, which proves that if you want to improve your executive functioning, then, playing computer games for a few hours every week would be very useful.

Disadvantages of Computer Games

Everything has both positive and negative sides to it, so, it is better to keep your habits in balance to stay healthy and away from any harm.

Aggressive Behavior

Violent games and gaming for over 5 to 6 hours every day causes aggressive behavior, which leads to many personal and social problems. The people playing violent games for hours feel and think aggressively, which can be fatal most of the times, both for them and their loved ones.

Socially Isolated

When a person spends hours playing video games, he forgets about his responsibilities and social activities. This leads to many issues at home, work, outdoors etc, so it must be limited.

Adverse Health Issues

If you stay in one position playing computer games, then it will cause a lot of health issues, like, depression, obesity, heart problems, joint problems, postural, skeletal and muscular disorders, and so many others.

So, if you want to live a healthy life but also want to play computer games, then playing these for a couple of hours is quite enough.

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