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Top 10 new android apps of 2017

The biggest strength of Android is its app ecosystem with millions of choices that can be overwhelming sometimes. Some of them come with the price, while others don’t. Even if you are completely sure and specific about the type of app you want, how to know that what you’ve chosen is the best one to download? Here’s your chance to gather some of the best new Android apps that are hand-picked by the Android experts. However, it should be noted that we haven’t included commonly known or popularly used apps in our list as this is the mention of only under-rated best apps.

New Android Apps of 2017


new androids apps

One of our favorite new Android apps is Unclouded, which allows you to manage the files in all your cloud storage devices. With this app, you can easily navigate between them as it fulfills your requirement of consolidation of cloud apps.

Dark Sky

new androids apps

Since its debut on iOS, Dark Sky has become really popular with its accurate precipitation notifications. Now it is available on Android and is a hyper-local weather app. Dark Sky tells you the straightforward alerts and is surprisingly accurate.


new androids apps

This is one of the most secure and reliable new Android apps in the virtual private network industry. ExpressVPN is useful when you want to keep your smartphone or some other Android device safe on a sketchy public Wi-Fi.


new androids apps

It is the must-have password management with which you can securely save your login credentials. Moreover, you get to generate very hard passwords for your accounts and there is a facility for the master password as well.

World Around Me

new androids apps

Get this tool to find out your favorite places as it uses the camera of your smartphone to highlight local attractions and other interesting places.

Word Swag

new androids apps

This is a photo editing app that lets your image have a great-looking graphic and be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on your own website. It uses Typomatic engine for the generation of the content.


new androids apps

This is one of those new Android apps that turn your computer into a home media server. It is the most efficient one with which you can stream movies and other entertainment channels through your headset.



Trello is the best organization app that you can find on Play Store if you are looking for project planning tool with the simple interface. You can have boards on which you can make lists and then populate them with cards.


new androids apps

With this tool, you can launch your favorite new Android apps without having to return to the menu. Moreover, you get to have constant notifications along with lock screen and home screen widgets.


new androids apps

This app is actually a podcast player and also a manager so that you should be able to find almost every podcast you search for. It creates ‘smart playlists’ on the base of your listening habits.

These are the best new Androids apps that are equally useful and simple, therefore, can be helpful for all kinds of users. You should try each of them from Google Play for your convenience and time-saving.

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